ed o'brien (edobrien) wrote in musewhores,
ed o'brien

The setlist from Wembley Stadium DAY TWO. More updates at Muselive as it comes in, of course. Microcuts has crowd pictures here from before the show. Then.... naturally, the gallery will be located here and updated as pictures come in.

NME photos
More pics and youtube links will be edited in when they come in.

01. Knights of Cydonia
02. Hysteria
03. Supermassive Black Hole
04. Map of the Problematique
05. Forced In
06. Sing For Absolution
07. Butterflies & Hurricanes
08. Hoodoo
09. Apocalypse Please*
10. Feeling Good
11. Sunburn
12. Invincible
13. Time Is Running Out
14. New Born

15. Soldier's Poem
16. Unintended
17. Blackout
18. Bliss*

19. Starlight
20. Plug In Baby
21. Stockholm Syndrome
22. Take A Bow

* Apocalypse Please apparently has a new faster drum beat.
* Extended, with balloons.

Until I hear something else, that is the final setlist. Thank you and good night.

Random notes:
Dom is in lime green again.

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